599 GTB Fiorano Engine

A superb piece of architecture and an example of supreme scale-model engineering.

This work is a faithful representation of the 12 cylinder Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano engine in 1/3 scale. It’s made with the same techniques and materials used by the Ferrari factory; hand-formed sand casting of aluminium, and other parts are turned stainless steel. More than 500 elements are professionally assembled using 488 screws and no adhesive. Everything is made by hand in Italy with meticulous precision. Even the inside of the engine-turning mechanism, the 12 pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft, are fashioned by one master craftsman.

All of the mechanisms are then synchronized by very precise tooling, exactly like the original.

Due to the complexity and unique nature of this scale model, more than 280 hours are required to complete each example. Production is limited for the fortunate few to 599 pieces only, each one complete with a signed and numbered certificate to prove it’s authenticity.

“All our models are part of an exclusive and very limited hand-made production, that we hope is preserved in time with care and passion.” Stefano Dalia

Made in Italy by Terzo Dalia.

$120,000.00 HKD