250 SWB Engine Special Version

The 250 SWB still gives today wide topics of discussion to the keens, but in any case all of them are in agreement: its V12 engine is one of the best propellers in automotive history. Its power and its endurance have marked an era, contributing considerably to the rise of Ferrari’s legend.

This work is completely polished by hand and is a faithful representation at 1/3 scale of the 12 cylinder Ferrari 250 engine of the 60’s, that equipped the splendid California Spyders and the memorable short wheel base berlinettas, usually renamed “SWB”. It’s made with the same technique and material used, at that time, by the Ferrari factory: hand-formed sand casting of aluminium galsi- 9, and other parts being turned stainless-steel. More than 500 elements are professionally assembled with 470 screws, without using any adhesive. Everything is made with meticulous precision using a lot of means and materials in order to get the best results, including for the inside turning mechanism of the 12 pistons, connecting rods and the crankshaft, transmitting the rotation to the transmission shaft. All the mechanisms are synchronised, by very precise gears, with the three outside pulleys : timing, air fan and dynamo, all connected by one belt made to measure, exactly like the original.

Because of the long time that every model needs for its construction, really only a few fortunates can buy those magnificent engines : it’s a part of a small production by craftsmen in a limited number of 99 pieces, each one with a signed and numbered certificate.

$120,000.00 HKD